Montfrisa logistica alimentaria

In our Cold Store in Getafe we have capacity for storing 21.600 palets at -25ºC and a multi-storey mezzanine with room for 1.900 palets for picking.
We are also authorized as a Bonded Customs Warehouse.

Our state of the art cold store is equipped with all the latest technology for control and communication.

We work in a paper free enviroment thank to our Radio Frequency system which is compatible with all barcode technologies and is completely programmable to give on-line stock control and guarantees 100% traceability through all the storage, preparation and delivery process.

We have various solutions for automated communication with our clients which excellent security measures.
Intelligent logistics solutions reduce costs to a significant degree and it is part of Montfrisa's strategy to offer these reductions to our clients.

It is our desire, as part of our sustained growth to offer ourselves as logistic partners and consultants adding value to our customers' products while being always faithful to our philosophy of "Service and Quality".
montfrisa logistica alimentaria - transporte, distribucion y almacenaje
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